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Owensboro Riverport among First Certified Drug Free Workplaces in Kentucky

November 14, 2008

For Immediate Release November 14, 2008 (Owensboro, KY) -

• New Kentucky League of Cities Program is giving municipalities the lead in proactive substance abuse education and intervention for employees.

• Owensboro Riverport Authority receives “discount” check November 11, 2008 at the health fair.

The facts speak for themselves. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Mental Services Substance Abuse the Mental Health Services Administration, more than 70 percent of all substance abusers are employed.

With the support of the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) in 2007, the Kentucky General Assembly enacted HB-267, better known as the Kentucky Drug Free Workplace Program. As a result of rampant drug use and abuse throughout Kentucky, this legislation was designed to encourage employers to implement a program to identify drug and alcohol use in the workplace, educate workers on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and to assist in treatment if drug use is detected.

The Owensboro Riverport Authority is now certified through the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims as “drug free.”

Ed Riney, President/CEO of the Owensboro Riverport was quoted as saying, “We believe this is good for customers and speaks highly of our quality employees.”

Although the program is voluntary for employers, the benefits certification improve the quality of work life for employees, reduces workplace accidents, tardiness and absenteeism, and improves the quality of life and the general safety of all citizens throughout the community. The legislation requires that once an employer is certified as Drug Free Workplace by the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims, that employer is to receive a five percent discount on its Workers’ Compensation Insurance premium regardless of its carrier. Owensboro Riverport’s insurance carrier, the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS) presented them with a check on November 11, 2008 at the health fair representing discounts earned by becoming certified as a Drug Free Workplace.

The Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services, a not-for-profit, self-insured organization which insures more than 500 cities and other municipal related organizations; has, in addition to providing the mandated 5% discount for certification, taken the unique steps of providing assistance to its Workers Compensation customers in obtaining the certification as well as absorbed the cost of the first year of ongoing substance abuse awareness training that is required for certification.

Sylvia L. Lovely, Executive Director/CEO for KLC, served as interim director for the Office of Drug Control Policy. “There is no more appropriate group of enterprises in Kentucky than our city governments to provide the kind of leadership necessary to help stem the time of substance abuse”, she said.

“Not only is this a loss control measure for our overall Workers Compensation Insurance program. . . one that will save our customers and our self-insured program dollars in the long run, its just the right thing to do,” said KLC Executive Pool Administration/Chief Insurance Services Officer, Bill Hamilton. “We have a substance abuse problem in Kentucky, and we believe it only right for KLC to be proactive and out front on this issue.”

As long as the Drug Free Workplace certification remains current, Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS) Workers Compensation policy holders will be eligible to receive the five percent discount on their Workers’ Compensation premiums. After initial certification, KLC plans to assist their Workers’ Compensation customers in monitoring their respective Drug Free Workplace Programs to ensure continued compliance with the program’s governing Administrative Service Regulation; and to provide ongoing assistance in re-filing the certification application which is required annually.

The Owensboro Riverport is one of the state’s first workplaces to receive certification under the program and the accompanying five percent discount with assistance provided by the KLC Insurance Services Loss Control Department.

“Doing the right thing, saving money and enhancing our work environment is a win, win, win” according to Riney.

KLC has contracted exclusively with Gary L. Moberly & Associates, Inc.; a Versailles based consulting firm specializing in mediation, training and technical assistance in employment related issues, to provide the certification assistance and the initial training component, free of charge to its Workers’ Compensation insurance customers.


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